Our Journey

The Creation of  Our Local Curriculum

Whaiwhia te kete mātauranga -  Fill the basket of knowledge

In order to create a meaningful and efficient  local curriculum we knew that it was imperative that we consult with whanau, students, staff, BOT, local iwi / mana whenua and our local community. Consultation was and continues to be ongoing to adapt and strengthen our local curriculum. We will continue this process to keep it alive and relevant to our tamariki. 

Parent / Whanau Hui 

Whanau members including parents, siblings, grandparents and other wider whanau came together along with members of the BOT to discuss the following...

Further BOT Consultation

The BOT were also provided with the following questions to help develop our graduate profile and what they see to be of key importance for a child during their time at Dawson  - Feedback

Consultation with Maori Whānau

In addition to the questions asked in the parent hui, whānau were asked... as a whānau what do you see as a priority for Māori students at Dawson.  - Feedback

Student Consultation

Students  undertook surveys and were interviewed about the things that mattered most to them. - Feedback  

Some of the key questions focussed on their thoughts about  

Staff Consultation

The staff  have been involved in a number of meetings and PD around designing our local curriculum. These have invovlved learning about the histoy of Otara and Dawson Primary, identifying the areas that are of significance or importance in our community, looking at the skills and attitudes essential for the students we teach and designing a pathway for our students learning. Some of this information was used to gather feedback from students, whanau, the BOT and our local community.

Community Consultation

We went out into the local community and spoke to a number of buisnesses and organisations about the skills and attitudes that they though were important for our tamariki to learn  and be a part of their business or organisation - Feedback

Iwi / Mana Whenua

We have begun to develop a relationship with Ngāti Tamaoho and have attended workshops with students and staff in the development of their strategic plan. We are also working with them for our teacher only days to learn more about the history of our local area  and focus on the following: