Below is important  information about our school for parents and the community

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All pupils at Dawson Primary are expected to wear the school uniform.

The uniform can be purchased from the NZ Uniforms Shop. 

Address - 16 Bishop Dunn Place Botany

Phone - 09-281 3531

Open Hours - Monday · Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm, Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm Sunday - Closed

The school does NOT sell uniforms.

The summer uniform is a short sleeved aqua T-shirt and blue cargo shorts.The winter uniform is a long sleeved aqua T-shirt and long blue cargo pants. There is also a navy blue sweatshirt.

The summer or winter uniform can be worn at any time during the year and children can choose to wear the long sleeved top with shorts or any other combination. There is no regulation school footwear.

Hats must be worn in Term 1 and 4.

Health Clinic

Dawson Primary has two health nurses  who visit our school each day. The nurses checks for sore throats that could cause rheumatic fever and also for skin infections.

SWIS Worker

We have a school social worker who will work with children and families. If you need any support the social worker is available to help you.


ERO uses the Te Ara Huarau approach working with schools in an ongoing way and supporting each school’s improvement over time. Reporting on the ERO website includes: 

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan encompasses the school's direction and goals for a period of three years. This is reviewed and updated yearly in response to learning and achievement, Ministry of Education inniatives, feedback from all stakeholders and any local, national or global events. 

You may view the current  plan for 2023-2025 here

Annual Report 

MOE Enrolment Information / Privacy Statements

Ministry of Educationstatement about how enrolment information is collected, stored and used in NZ schools - ENROL privacy statement – Ministry of Education

For information on enrolling students: Enrolling students – Ministry of Education

And for further information for parents and whānau on enrolling their child/children at school: For parents and whānau – Ministry of Education

Emergency Management Plan

Dawson Primary have an Emergency Plan that is consistent with current procedures used by the Civil Defence and Emergency Services.

This plan covers several aspects:

It is important that our first response is to account for all the students, staff and signed in visitors to the school. We will either EVACUATE or go into LOCK DOWN.

Evacuations - When we EVACUATE we remove everyone from any immediate danger of the buildings and grounds. Our alarm will sound (continuous ringing of the bell). Our assembly point is on the courts near the lunchroom. We have appointed wardens who report to the the designated chief warden once all the students, staff and visitors are accounted for. If you are on the school grounds at the time of an evacuation please follow the instructions given to you by staff. If you are in your car please remain in it. DO NOT ENTER THE SCHOOL GROUNDS during an evacuation.

Lockdown - When we are in LOCKDOWN there will be a song (I See Red) played over the speakers throughout the school. Teachers and pupils will all go to classes and remain on the floor, away from doors and windows and they will be kept calm. They will not be allowed to leave the rooms. We have a plan for toileting and eating should the lockdown go on over time. NO ONE ENTERS THE SCHOOL GROUNDS DURING A LOCKDOWN. We will not open any door or gate to any parent during this time.

In the event of a lockdown we will will contact parents as soon as we able. The first place we will do this is on the Dawson website and facebook page. We will then try to text or ring all caregivers. Please make sure we have your up to date numbers. Do not come to school, phone teachers or the school during this time as it could put people in danger.

We take every effort to ensure the safety of your child. We have practices for both lockdowns and evacuations at least once a term.