About Us

The leadership team includes the Principal and two Associate Principals. We have five year-group team leaders. Each team consists of two to three teachers at a similar year level. A number of other staff take on responsibilities throughout the school. We also have a number of teacher aides who work in classes or with individual students and a support team for administration and property.

We have...

  • 5x e-Learning classes

  • Music Specialist

  • Reading Support Teachers

  • English Language Teachers

  • Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (R.T.L.B)

  • School nurses

  • Cooking & Gardening staff

  • Free School Lunches

  • Fruit in Schools

  • Duffy School Partnership sponsored by Avanti Finance

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a group of parents elected to represent the community of Dawson Primary. They meet every third Thursday of the month at the school from 5.30 – 8.00.

The Chairperson of the Board is Steven Martin and the Deputy Chair is Iunisi Johanson.

The Board of Trustees can be contacted through the school.

Steven Martin

Board Chair

Iunisi Johansson

Eterei Maluafou (Lei)

Senetenari Lam Sam

Management & Office Staff

Angela Funaki


Nic Hennephof

Associate Principal

Y1/2 Team Leader / SENCO

Tarayn Zeier

Associate Principal

Y1/2 Team Leader / ICT / Inquiry

Jo van de Paverd

Office Staff

Merryn Boyd

Executive Officer

Year 1 / 2 Teachers

Waheda Goender

Room 2 - Y1/2

Jenny Wards

Room 4 - Y0/1

Toni Taylor

Room 5 - Y1/2

Natalie Turner

Room 5 - Y1/2

Year 2/3 Teachers

Parag Gandhi

Room 7 - Y2/3

Deshni Pillay

Room 8 - Y2/3

Year 3 Team Leader

Kaitlyn Tutt

Room 10 - Y3

P.E. Co-ordinator

Year 4 Teachers

Laura Ehrhorn

Room 12 - Y4/5

P.E. Co-ordinator

Diane Brass

Room 13 - Y4

Y4 Team Leader

John 'Ofanoa

Room 19

Year 5 Team Leader, Staff Rep - Board of Trustees

Bonita Pesaleli

Room 21- Y5

Year 6 Teachers


Anna Latulipe

Room 17 - Y6

Cultural Responsiveness Leader, Science/ Enviro, Year 6 Team Leader

Dana Al-Tabba'a

Room 18 - Y6

Specialist Staff & Caretaker

Kirsty Ellis

ESOL Teacher / Reading Together

Carolyn Tawhai

ESOL Teacher

Bob Prasad


Sabrina Waite

Teacher Aides / Support Staff

Rita Natoealofa

Eni Tamatoa

Sabrina Edwards

Mary Manu

Lani Mataio

Belinda De Oliveira

Renee Hohua

Garden to Table Teacher

Pravitha Singh

Release Teacher

Megan Harris

Release Teacher